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Does New York require lenders of leased cars to include GAP insurance within the cost of the lease itself?

Was under the impression that this was the case, however, after recently leasing a vehicle in NY, the dealership told me otherwise.
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Car-insurance questions!?!!? SUPPORT! Crash!?
Hello, three weeks ago, I got in to a car crash and rear ended someone inside the entrance with suv. I'd a honda, along with the insurance carrier reported they are going to spend 9k for the vehicle around and it totaled. Since it was rear-end collision, I was held by insurance provider responsible for 100%. The vehicle had cracked/damaged bumper and lower section of trunk cover dented (No broken lamps or anything). I'd say around several thousand bucks worth of harm. There were 3 people in the auto and at that time they stated they're all okay, and went down. No police report was registered. After I called at night to get one of many guy's birthday, he said all three visited emergency, and had whiplash pain in throat area (which is understandable from rearend incident). Therefore I recognize my insurance comp I'd full-coverage. would pay their costs. The one thing I am terrified about is imagine if they prosecute me? I'm from low-class a full time as well as family scholar on loans and so I have no money or even a work. Just how much may they sue me for when they do?"

Finest car insurance for my kids while they are at school?
They have left their auto (VW Polo) in the home. What's the best way to insure this car today? It really is merely getting if residence take applied, plus a bit more over Easter and Christmas, probably summer also. Nonetheless I can't find any insurance that may consider this into consideration. I have got my very own auto, so theirs is merely sitting there for 9 or 8 weeks out of the year. Does anyone know while using this into account of any insurance agencies that can guarantee a vehicle?"

Insurance on sportscar?
Does anyone knowhow much it would charge to cover the price, or a 2008 Audi R8 to ensure a Ferrari 360?"

"Car insurance, 17 year old.?"
in the state of NJ, do you know around howmuch car insurance for a 17-year old could charge monthly? or knowing of any state? I simply need a rough estimate. thank you"

"What's the best choice for-life insurance age 34 term, widespread, whole, unintended?"
What is the best choice for life insurance age 34 period, worldwide, entire, accidental?"

Just how much is healthinsurance for a 55 yr-old girls??
I reside in southern ca on finding an inexpensive health insurance for my mom and we are hunting she is 55 times... Around how much can we be expecting on mothly that is spending... and what health insurances are recomended??"

Car insurance keeps increasing despite driving history that is exemplary?
I have had car insurance for going on 4 years.ive had no traffic tickets at-all no injuries nothing through refuge! For that previous 4 months now I acquired a notice saying my next fee due is $107. That $20 dollar increase.??? I'm getting really fed up it's difficult to pay my costs as it is I recently got married does that change ur car insurance and with shelter I'm a brand new mommy? He's no permit due to a thing that happened around 10 years ago. When i record I am married could it be going to help or harm me? I don't have any goals of incorporating him to my coverage but merely was thinking if I will get a discount from being (married) currently? I know many firm's present savings since they appear to consider ppl travel that is married more securely."

What motorcycle insurance must I get?
I got KLR650 and was thinking what type of insurance should I get? What is the most insurance that is typical? Likewise what insurance carrier are you currently utilizing and so are you happy with them when it comes to cost and service? Thanks for all the solutions

Car Insurance Claim Help?
Car Insurance Claim Help? On the 4/7/2011 I was at a set of traffic lights that was (RED) of my way to the shops. Whilst the lights went green I commence to shift down gradually as I did another car came from the left of me and tried to show right as he accelerate he crashed in to the drivers aspect of the automobile. He evidently jumped a red-light (Evidently Seen on CCTV). I had been as a whole distress during the time! After he crashed into my car he went to drive off by avoiding, I leaped out-of my car to endured in his was so he could not drive-off the experience behind me named the police while I was stopping his from operating off he started to push forwards trying to me-me out just how. He then presented me his Label, phone-number and Insurance information after the driver talked for the police about the phone. A day later I named my insurance company they was change beneficial and I think the clam would be resolved in my own benefit when I had CCTV of the crash when I had a camera inside of my car as well as a witness which was behind my vehicle at the time of the accident. After almost 4Months I have currently improved a page saying that the state continues to be closed on a Without Prejudice Base. When I contacted Aviva to see what the 3rd-party has not accepted whole liability they said it had been handled such as this whilst the third party calls and who crashed into me not responded to or words which have send him. Aviva did not asked to determine the CCTV of the freeze and did not consider the witness statement. On the 4/7/2011 I was at a set of traffic lights that was (RED) of my way to the shops. While the lights went green as I did as he speedup another car came from the left of me and attempted to turn, I commence to move off slowly he crashed into the owners area of the automobile. He obviously hopped a redlight (Evidently Noticed on CCTV). I had been altogether shock at that time! After he crashed into my vehicle he visited drive-off by reversing, I got out of my car to stood in his was so he couldn't drive off the watch behind me named the police while I used to be preventing his from operating off he started to travel forwards wanting to me me out the way. After the driver talked towards the authorities about the cellphone, then he gave me his Label, phonenumber and Insurance info. 24 hours later I named my insurance carrier they was change helpful and I imagine the clam could be satisfied within my benefit when I had CCTV of the crash as I had a camera within my automobile as well as a watch that was behind my car at that time of the freeze. After nearly 4Months I've now improved a letter declaring the claim has been closed over a Without Prejudice Basis. Once I approached Aviva to determine what the 3rd party hasn't recognized complete liability they stated it had been managed such as this whilst the 3rd party calls and who crashed into me not responded to or characters that have send him. Aviva did not asked to determine the CCTV of the freeze and didn't consider the witness statement. SO WHAT CAN I DOOO??"

What claims do not require you to have auto-insurance??????
What states could it be not essential to have auto insurance generate and to be able to enroll your car? I know that it is definitely mandatory to get insurance in case your funding pickup or your vehicle reguardless.

I have not acquired my national insurance card? Does anybody understand how long i'll must wait?
I recently recently applied for a NIN and couple of weeks back i obtained a letter with my NIN. Yesterday i got a call to get a meeting from the business and so they've asked me to bring my card along for proof and that I told them i have a correspondence that was written about my NIN haven't gotten the card. What is the best auto insurance? have told me that minus the card they can't offer me the work since they need to take a photocopy of it and also have presented me per week's time for you to get things sorted out:((its been 3 days currently does anyone understand how long it will take to ship the card? I'm not really a uk homeowner:) after 7 programs i finally got a demand meeting and curse my luck:((

Would you pay auto insurance every month or every six months?
Want it for your school I'm in today. Help fast!

"In case you mount an aftermarket radio improperly, and your car draws fire can insurance policy it?"
In case you deploy an aftermarket stereo wrongly, and your car draws flame can insurance policy it?"

"Served my place, but can't-get life insurance?"
I have offered in the US Military for 17 years, I planning for a 3rd and have implemented 5 times to get several businesses to incorporate to Iraq. I took a last year for-life insurance after I retire and it was unearthed that I've a higher amount of protein within my urine. I have been denied time after time because of this condition. Who can I proceed through so I might get some economical life insurance. It is depressing how this place takes care of the experts of it's. I have done exactly what was expected being a Soldier of me, given that my time is nearly up, my state spins it really is back on me. Exactly what a pity."

Howmuch might my insurance charge if self-protected?
How much might my insurance charge if home-insured?

"What insurance carrier should I use easily am 18?
I really don't go to university but I'm beginning university within the Drop. What's an inexpensive although comparatively reliable auto-insurance corporation that I can use?

That will charge more to ensure? 00-04 mustang starting mustang gt?
I'm reside in Ny and 17. Year been driving with a clean file for starters and that I presently pay $100/month on my mommyis '10 camry. I do want to get my very own automobile and that I have narrowed right down anything to a mustang, but I can not choose between perhaps a gt or a base-model. I've savings on my recent coverage for example individuals ed and good pupil. I'll also have a defensive driving program for an added discount and also the new-car will even bring about a multi-car coverage discount which will be helpful. My mother is going to contribute the exact same $100 towards the relaxation I have to cover by myself and also the vehicle as she's now. I have noticed that the base and gt will cost about the same to ensure, but that doesn't seem right considering that the gt has 100+hp over the base, but people have supported that by indicating the base designs are involved in more crashes among young people. Therefore can everyone set me the record? Don't give me tendencies stating that simply my insurance agent can inform me that or excessive for you to manage. Additionally would it not be a smart decision to decline accident protection to get a massive insurance discount? On rushing this vehicle I don't plan."

"In New Jersey, does the name in your car insurance card must fit the brand in your automobile...?
...subscription? My partners name is on the insurance and the car is owned by me.

What do you know about car insurance / vehicle-totaled?
What's regulations? You have an automobile; it is ranked @ $ 3,800.00 book value. Another driver hits you in the back in a Pa. borough crosswalk as you also have ceased for a person crossing at the road and are traveling through. You're nearly forced in to the pedestrian, but luckily you're ready to avoid your car with time. The other driver is inside the improper ofcourse; but does the bad driveris insurance provider should spend to correct your car? I am having a problem - my estimation is $ 3. I'm instructed to consider the automobile to become totaled and 80% of the book-value is exactly what the insurance company must pay. Does anybody know is this holds true? 000 kilometers onto it although this vehicle is actually a 1999 but only has 58 and is in mint condition. Throughout that period have not set a cent inside it for areas it for 4 years and I have owned. I'd take a wonderful probability on obtaining the one which is not nearly such good-quality, to have another. I am wondering if the insurance carrier includes a maximum that they will buy repairing - in that case perhaps I may put in a minor to it therefore I can retain this automobile? Did not be thankful so much until following the incident!!!!"

"For when obtaining car insurance, what do I look?
I had auto insurance with my parents for a time and that I want to get my own. Im not sure what organizations will be the best and what to try to find. Please support. Cheers.

Motor insurance problem?
does AAA motor insurance have sr22's? If just do the premium is raised by them?

Performance-car insurance?
Is there an insurance provider which can give a price to get a performance-car to me? (at a fair price) im 19 got a cross plus and had my certificate for 1 and a half decades... ive been operating being a called driver for that point with no states etc etc.... I understand theres not alot of company's available which likely wont cover me but its worth a try ey?.

How much did you pay for auto insurance at 18? of Car Insurance for an Alien?
I hold Driving License & Indian Passport and am visiting USA. Easily travel my sonis car therein US, am I going to be covered by detailed Car Insurance Policy obtained by him on his automobile?"

Free/Low-Cost clinics in San Diego Area? to getting Insurance under parents car?
Hello im 17, residing in Ireland and I need to get protected under my mothers car which is a 2005 skoda octavia using the 1.4 liter motor does everyone know how much it'd charge since ive been saving up although not sure I have enough. Likewise I simply possess a provisional permit. thanks"

Michigan Motorcycle Insurance?
I live through the spring and summertime, which happens to be about 6 months of the season I just drive my motorcycle in Michigan. The remainder of without any cyclists the bicycle is located, that time period. My problem is where I am covered for six months and the remaining portion of the occasion it in storage could I get some type of insurance it truly is on a storage like insurance? I know you'll be able to in Nj because my buddies have in nonetheless is it possible to in Mi? In that case might you post a link from therefore I could contact them more many thanks or where you got this infor"

Does New York require lenders of leased cars to include GAP insurance within the cost of the lease itself?
Was under the impression that this was the case, however, after recently leasing a vehicle in NY, the dealership told me otherwise.
I suggest one to visit this web site where one can get rates from different companies: http://insuranceforcheap.info
What are insurance concerns after child gets used?
What improvements does one must consider after having a child finishes university and gets employed (in a different state)? eg. Since he has his or her own policy; when he trips us do I must do anything to make sure they can push one among our vehicles I removed him from car insurance? Kids are covered by my medical care insurance at the job till 26, but they suggested through his workplace the policy will be extra to his insurance for him. How does this work presented his insurance has more out-of-pocket costs - copay/coins / deductible?"

How much is quad/ATV insurance for a 17 year old?
Coming up to 17 now and that I live in the mountains of Barnsley close to the Pennines and I am thinking of getting a quad for temperature motives and for a bit of enjoyment, I'd such as a 200cc to some 500cc quad only wondering how much it'd cost, thanks!"

NY Full Coverage Insurance Costs?
Howmuch is full-coverage on any policy for a new driver?

Temporary auto insurance for foreign guest?
A buddy from Europe is visiting with me for just two days, and I'd want to lend him my vehicle for a few of that time period. Certainly he is not protected through my insurance coverage and that I do not want to add him to it. Can he obtain coverage for himself simply for this limited time? If so, wherever?"

"Hit by a vehicle, permit suspended in Florida, will the injury be covered by the insurance? Can I be in trouble?"
I used to be driving then the traffic lights turned red so i ended. Few minute later i noticed a loud splitting audio and 2 seconds later a vehicle hit me. The thing is that my automobile is under my...show more"

Just how much will it charge me to repair a paint less reduction over a Nissan Sentra?
My car was recently hit without my knowledge. Nobody saw while I had been left it also it happened. The reduction is right above your body of the tire framework wide. Our question is may my insurance pay for it? And if not how much may a restoration such as this cost me? The vehicle is Nissan Sentra 2012."

Possess a question about auto insurance?
Im simply and presently 18 and the driving exam passed. I have a home in bronx ny. I wanted to understand just how much might insurance be to get a used fully-paid vehicle under my title?(including ____ to ____) Enables say the automobile is really a honda civic year 2000. Or every other better vehicle that wouldnt be on top of insurance. Cheers

"What heapens easily do not pay for motor insurance?"
Basically I donot wanna pay for insurance any more, although I've a vehicle. So what happens basically drive and do not pay without insurance?"

Auto insurance issue in Mi?
i am creating monthly premiums on a brand-new 2008 colbot that i got in november 2007. I have looked around for full coverage car insurance, that what i curently have. I cannot appear to locate no motor insurance cheaper than what I've. Our motor insurance is my car fee. I've written to a couple insurance providers and we went over different things which could make it cheaper. But, they can not overcome the cost that i already have. Our credit isn't the most effective, but should not a-car payment become more than insurance? Everyone have any ideas wherever and just how i could get yourself a motor insurance plan that is cheaper?"

Can someone give me advice on whether to get a 50 or 125cc scooter?
At 14's age you and you will get a 50cc and a 125cc, respectively. Our birthday is in a few months (January), should I wait till then and acquire 125cc or should I just obtain a 50cc today? Ingesting to concern that 50 cc is cheaper and better than a 125cc and that ideal concerns France at about at January. And how much would the insurance cost for even the 125cc or the 50cc? And I have a budget of around 1000 euro."

"Do basically am a traveler funding my buddyis automobile that is protected, I must obtain motor insurance?"
I am a traveler inside the U.S, and I want to make use of my friend's automobile occasionally, her automobile is insured but my name is not on her insurance policy, do I must be on it to become covered?, Furthermore, in case an official requires me to pullover, do I must be around the auto insurance or just present him the automobile is insured?"

Will Texas Be gone up by his insurance?
Ok so my friend just got a citation. It was his problem he needed a free right plus a policeman was getting his green left and my pal slice him off unpleasant. The cop finished up offering him a solution. It mentioned failure to prevent in a red-light but our problem is... since he is concerned...thanks, may his insurance go up!"

Whats the insurance of the granturismo that is maserati?
I wanna purchase a maserati granturismo, what could the insurance be?"

"Is there of preventing money fees on regular motor insurance, any way?"
Like everyone, I am strapped for cash along with the charge cards of the other half are maxxed out. In fact I am thus considered not so good for credit currently even I would n't be touched by a loan shark despite being a bankrupt and having work - my car insurance arrives. If payed in one single group, however trying to find monthly premiums my cheapest payback is 366 more than 12 weeks our rebirth price was 258. Not that I Would ever accuse of tearing us off the banks. Any ideais??"

When will the government present motor insurance and life-insurance towards the uninsured?
There are lots of individuals out-there that has no auto or life-insurance...do you think Obama and his Progressives need to target this problem also...Come on Where is the outrage? You will find auto insurance companies and life-insurance firms out there creating a profit...we must do something positive about this..."

What is the top car insurance?
What type of insurance do you've? Is it inexpensive?

"Whats the distinction between collison deductibles that are wide limited and frequent with insurance?"
Whats the difference between broad restricted and standard collison deductibles with insurance? Trying to get a car insurance quote"

Moped insurance for 16-year olds?
For my moped, i'm 16, I've my provisional permit, about just how much might the insurance expense me? x"

Insurance cost doesnt change from provisional once transferred?
I've been taking a look at motor insurance currently for weeks the pric comparison sites on all and phoneing companys and the cheapest estimate I obtained was 3000! Thats on a 1988 fiesta. they stated it will stay the identical, he expected the company simply how much it'll be once he has transferred plus i i have a companion who's insured for 1000 on a provisonal at 17, does this actually happen?"

Could I get liability insurance over a 2005 mazda tribute or will I need to get full coverage?
May I get liability insurance on a 2005 mazda tribute or am I going to really need to get full-coverage?

What's a good car insurance for florida condition to get a 23-year old girl?

Can I get bike insurance without a permit?
May I get bike insurance with out a permit?

"I've a NJ DUI, just how much will my insurance increase?"
If i pay 168 per month today I acquired a dui in NJ, no incident included, just how much will my insurance go up monthly? I would like some personal examples."

"I am 21 using the Gerber Life-Insurance coverage plan, should I continue?"
I acquired an email indicating that I am not the owner of this plan (my parents began this for me once I was young). Therefore I have a few questions, now that I am 21, do I have 10,000$ price of life insurance for your rest of my entire life (and never have to continue spending?) Why would I want to continue if this is simply here as insurance in the event for my burial costs. spending isn't 10k enough for that? Basically end paying will I still have this 10,000 pounds in life insurance, or am I being forced to cover in order to maintain it?"

Insurance on my phone?
I've had a phone that I ordered from Radio shack. It's a cellular phone that is zero contract virgin that I have had for about six months. However when I purchased, used to donot have sufficient income to get the insurance. Is it too late to obtain it today?"

Does New York require lenders of leased cars to include GAP insurance within the cost of the lease itself?
Was under the impression that this was the case, however, after recently leasing a vehicle in NY, the dealership told me otherwise.
I suggest one to visit this web site where one can get rates from different companies: http://insuranceforcheap.info